Use of digital tools and applications [askmyGP]

The COVID 19 pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation across the health and care services. Technology is required more than ever to maintain services to patients, for staff to work remotely and for information to be shared between organisations.


The practice has implemented new systems to allow it to operate safely during these difficult times.  Online consultations, video consultations, use of digital photos to help identify symptoms, greater emphasis on remote working are some of the most obvious changes.


Many other initiatives are taking place behind the scenes to reduce the need for face to face interaction.


These systems will continue to be used post covid as they greatly improve the overall efficiency of the surgery.


“Ask My GP” is the app that is most visible to all patients, and the one we will all interact with when accessing GP services. Once signed up, a user can log in and request help, support, information or a consultation at any time of day or night and from any location.


To do this you fill in an online form via the practice web site. Once you have answered the questions on the form, added any free text information you need to add and submitted your request, you will get a text or e mail confirming your online request is complete and giving you advice about what to do next.


The surgery will deal with all requests within a given time line during the working day, or the next working day if you log in out of hours; so no more need to try and phone as early as possible on a week day morning in the hope of getting through!


Important point: By using Ask My GP you are releasing limited telephone capacity for people who are not able to access the internet. It is worth noting however that all telephone requests for  GP services are also logged into Ask My GP by the telephone operators at the surgery.


I will look at other applications in future posts.


Bob Meades